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Well one week has passed and here is what it’s been like so far:

This diet is pretty flexible – you can eat out and be sociable (okay, so I haven’t indulged in puddings or deserts).

I feel pretty good on it. I feel in control of my eating habits, yet I don’t feel overly deprived (but I do miss breakfast).

I have moved my workouts (most of the time) to around 9am (mostly to distract myself)

Not picking after dinner has really highlighted how many extra and unnecessary calories I eat without really realising!


I wasn’t supposed to weigh myself until day 10 (but I got a little impatient) I know that I have lost at least 2lbs…. I have realised that my weight may not change so much this week as my TOM is on its way and I tend to gain weight.


I’ve been good this week and done 5 workouts (a mixture of cardio and toning). I even completed this! (It takes a good 1hour 30 mins and is worth doing the run first!)

99 workout

99 challenge

















I’ve eaten around 6 Lindt d’or chocolates, 6 Pieces of Galaxy chocolate and 5 small squares of dark chocolate …oh and a magnum ice-cream. This is over a course of a week … so  I know that it’s not great, but hey, I’m in this for the long run!